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Femina | Book A V-Day Getaway In An Igloo Or A Houseboat On MakeMyTrip

As the month of love shines bright – spreading its warmth to every little corner of the heart – lovers are looking at ways of making it special in more ways than one. This Valentine’s Day make a promise to … Read More

Aranmula Kannadi | 48 Hours Sightseeing in Alleppey

Beyond Houseboats: 48 Hours of Sightseeing in Alleppey

An Alleppey backwater cruise is the most famous thing to do in the small town off the city of Ernakulam in Kerala. The coastal town is criss-crossed with backwater canals on which ultra-luxury houseboats glide along, giving you a peek … Read More

Shopping in Alleppey: The Ultimate Guide

Alleppey is known for the beautiful backwaters and the best houseboats in Kerala. It is one of the most coveted destinations in the country for a luxury holiday in India. A holiday in Alleppey not only entails excellent authentic Kerala … Read More

The Best of Kerala

The moniker of ‘God’s Own Country’ for the southern state of Kerala in India is apt for many reasons. Not only is it rife with dramatic views and natural beauty, it is also one of the safest and eco-friendly places … Read More

Food on Spice Routes Alleppey Cruises

Travelling to Alleppey Through Local Cuisine

There are lots of travellers who likes to experience a destination through its cuisine. Apart from adding a whole new dimension to travelling, the cuisine of a place is certainly the most authentic reflection of local life. Alleppey is not … Read More

Travelling in Kerala: Top Tips

Kerala on the south western edge of India is one of the most popular travel destinations of India. The small coastal state has highlands, as well as backwaters and a mix of other terrains to make this a great destination … Read More

Alleppey backwaters

Long Weekend: Alleppey and Around

The loop of Cochin-Fort-Kochi-Marari-Alleppey lends itself very well to spend a relaxing long weekend in the belly of the state. The entire trail is about 65km long in one long stretch along the coastline. These atmospheric towns lie so close … Read More

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Your Weather Guide to Travelling to Alleppey

For well-heeled travellers, weather is hardly a thing to care about. They truly believe that the turn of seasons offers a different landscape and view of a destination. And that is true. A place may completely transform from winters to … Read More

Action Behind Words for Responsible Tourism

Kerala is a booming tourist destination with many attractions sprinkled all over the state. With a variety of topographies and experiences, it is one of the top destinations of India for the world traveller.  Of all the things to be … Read More

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Top Ten Alleppey FAQs

There are number of travellers who come to Alleppey each year; for many this is their very first trip to India. We are delighted when our beautiful green slice of India is the first thing for travel-weary eyes to see. … Read More

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