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At Spice Routes, we work hard to conserve the vibrant local life, natural ecosystems and protect our cultural heritage. All travellers are encouraged to leave a positive impact on the people and Alleppey. Here’s what we do to contribute.

Alleppey luxury houseboats with Waste management system by Spice Routes

Waste Management

We have set up a large internal aerobin so that all biodegradable waste from the houseboats can be converted into compost. The waste from the houseboats is collected after each trip and transported here to convert into compost, which is then used in the papaya farm adjoining the aerobin. This is great for soil conditioning at our farm and garden area. Additionally, the plastic bags used to line the dustbins on the boats are also 100 % bio-degradable.

Single Use Plastic

We have banned single plastic usage on the Spice Routes houseboats and farm since 2016. All guests are given limitless glass bottles, that are filled with purified water and filled daily with a date stamp so you know they are fresh. Even during canoe rides or any other outdoor activity, we carry glass bottles for our guests. We encourage you to carry any plastic bottle back with you, in case you happen to bring it.

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Alleppey luxury houseboats with Local Employment by Spice Routes

Local Employment

90% of the staff at the Spice Routes hails from villages around the Chennamkary village. With a strength of over 30 staff members, we ensure that the local villagers get employment and are able to improve the lives of their families. We hire canoes from local boatmen providing them a livelihood, and all activities in village homes are paid for so the people sharing their lives with our guests are compensated, apart from having extraordinary interactions.

Sourcing Food

The delicious Kerala food is the essence of a great memorable experience for most of our guests. We ensure that more than 80% of the food is fresh, from the river, our own farm and villages around. We have a sprawling papaya tree farm and a kitchen garden, that allows us to offer fresh and organic food to our guests. At Spice Routes, you are in the heart of the lush Kuttanad region, known for vast tracts of paddy fields and abundant fresh produce. You can be assured that the freshest, crunchiest and tastiest food reaches your plate.

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