Houseboats – a unique and safe vacation option

kerala backwater cruise

Imagine floating peacefully through meandering backwaters, with breathtaking sights of the blushing Nature; lying on a couch, pondering about the beauty of the little joys of life. Enchanting, ain’t it? This, is just one of the blissful feels you would cherish when you take a cruise through the Alleppey backwaters in Kerala, on a cozy houseboat. The fact is, it isn’t even just about relaxing, with nothing to be bothered about; it is also about garnering new experiences and getting an all-new perspective of life.

Spice Routes is one of the largest luxury houseboat service providers in Alappuzha. As a host who takes great pleasure in the contentment of our guests, we have seen the delight on their faces, closely. We’ve listened to our guestsspeaking on the amazing experience of being on a houseboat and exploring the most fascinating water-world on Earth. That is one of the reasons why on your next trip, you need to select Alleppey and a Spice Routes Houseboat.

However, that isn’t the only reason. There are other sides to it, especially at a time when the pandemic is still causing worries all over the world. Houseboats provide a unique, safe and hassle-free vacation experience. Let’s see how.

Be cut-off from the land
One of the most pleasurable joys of a houseboat cruise is that you are cut off from the mainland, exploring life cruising through enigmatic lagoons. This in itself, allows you to curtail contacts with many people. The only crowd you are likely to confront are flocks of ducks swimming across the lake, offering yet another feast to your eyes.

Move around in peace
Houseboats provide you an exclusive opportunity to move around even as you relax comfortably on the deck. You don’t need to physically go out in a cab or other conveyance options where you will have to come in contact with others. Instead, the boat will take you around to all the lovely destinations in the region. What unfurls before you in that cruise is an opportunity to relish the enigma of the water-world in and across the locale and the village life of the local populace along the banks.

All Covid protocols are met
As a crew committed to the safety and well-being of our guests, we have made it extra sure that all covid protocols as mandated by the Central and State Governments are strictly adhered to. The entire houseboat will be thoroughly sanitized and cleaned before your trip.

Vaccinated staff
To ensure your complete safety, all our staff and crew members have been vaccinated with at least one dose. This allows you to relax peacefully, as we pamper you with the best of Spice Route services including serving the finest delicacies of the coast.

So when you plan your next trip to Kerala, let Alleppey be in top of your choices; and Spice Routes is here, waiting to offer you the best of packages and the choicest of services. To know more about what we have in store for you, visit our website We are waiting to welcome you aboard.

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