The impact of Covid 19 on tourism

While Covid has disrupted almost all spheres of human activity and interest, one sector that has been so very badly hit is tourism. With many countries around the world closing their borders, imposing lockdowns and ordering strict restrictions on movement, communities all over the planet that depend on tourism for a living have been suffering all the way. The good news is that vaccination drives have been successful everywhere and the idea of safe travel has gained momentum.

However, in a post-covid world, it is most likely that the tourism preferences would change from what it has been all this while. From an ‘everything goes’ perspective, the travel priorities of people would in all likeliness shift to safe and sustainable tourism. What does this change mean? How will this impact the way people travel? Let’s have a brief look.

Sustainable tourism – the future

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), Sustainable Tourism is one “that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment, and host communities”. Sustainable tourism will focus on conscious travellers who would increasingly enquire the possibilities of safe and sustainable options and experiences. Sustainability would create an eco-system where people, planet and profit would go hand in hand. It would ensure a reasonable distribution of the finances that would arise from tourism. It is possible to predict that the future of tourism everywhere in the world would largely depend on a good presentation of the encounters between man and the environment.

The Kerala model of Responsible Tourism

Kerala, one of India’s most visited tourism destinations, is one place that has embraced this vision. The endeavours of the State Government to promote Responsible Tourism, a mission that serves as a part of Sustainable Tourism is proving to be a measure with an eye on the future. Kerala’s Kumarakom Responsible Tourism Project of 2014 had bagged the prestigious UNWTO Ulysses Award.

The Responsible Tourism Mission taken up by the State aims to network the entire State on a responsible platform. The mission aims to create a web of local communities, small businesses, tourism service providers and various support groups in order to create a system that would act as a self-supporting venture to uplift each other. This would assure more job opportunities within the important tourism destinations and ensure a steady flow of income to all those involved.

Why you need to support this movement

It’s simple. When you support this movement and become a responsible traveller, you would not only be a part of supporting a social movement that would bring welfare to local communities who are majorly hit by the pandemic; but also assist in a global cause towards a balanced and thriving ecology.

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