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Kerala has always been the passionate travellers’ paradise. From the lush green mountains of the western ghats to the vast coastal line that covers the entire length of the State, what Kerala offers are vivd sights of unparalleled beauty. Just as any other destination in the world, Kerala too has been suffering from the hardships of Covid 19 for the past many months.

However, things are changing. The pace of vaccination in Kerala is the highest in the country. Over half of the State’s population are now vaccinated with at least one dose. 20% have received both the doses. These figures are only getting better per day, with the authorities constantly yearning to increase the number of vaccinations every single day. Being the State with one of the finest public and private health infrastructures in the country, Kerala has also been successful in keeping the death toll related to covid 19 low. All this points to the fact that Kerala is a safe destination to plan your travel with.

Strict adherence to protocols

Right from the very beginning of the pandemic, Kerala has exercised strict Covid 19 protocols; a measure that has helped the State flatten the curve effectively from time to time. Preventive measures are pro-actively followed in public places, awareness programmes are being run effectively and the importance of wearing masks and being sanitized are being communicated to the people every day. The people of the State are responding positively to all the suggestions put forward by the Central and State Governments. This will soon help Kerala to put out the threat of the pandemic and get back to normalcy.

100% vaccinated tourism destination

The Government of Kerala is on a mission to make the State a 100% vaccinated tourism destination at the earliest possible hour. The aim is to make all the important tourism destinations of the State fully vaccinated. All stakeholders across the State will be considered on a priority to be vaccinated. This initiative will position Kerala as a risk-free place to visit and experience even during the pandemic and largely in the post pandemic era.

Alleppey, being one of the most-visited tourism hotspots in the country will therefore be fully vaccinated soon, ready to welcome our friends from all over the globe back to our shores and backwaters.

The Spice Routes experience

Being one of the largest luxury houseboat service providers in Alleppey, Spice Routes has ensured that all our crew members are vaccinated, enabling you to have a safe cruise experience. All our boats are thoroughly sanitized, clean and secure. Besides, there is nothing like a houseboat ride to naturally remain socially distanced and safe. You are not even confined to a room or a resort; you can remain secluded, still travel around and see the quintessentially beautiful destinations that the finest water-world on Earth has in offer.

To know more about us, our services and the wonderful packages we have in offer for you, visit our website We are looking forward to welcoming you aboard.

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