Your Weather Guide to Travelling to Alleppey

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For well-heeled travellers, weather is hardly a thing to care about. They truly believe that the turn of seasons offers a different landscape and view of a destination. And that is true. A place may completely transform from winters to summers, or the monsoons may bring a big green shroud to cover the landscape or may make it impossible to step out. Alleppey in Kerala emulates the tropical weather of the entire state, apart from the higher reaches like Munnar which get quite cool in the winter months. For Alleppey, the temperature stays about the same through the year; only the monsoons bring a totally different experience to the backwater town. Here is your ultimate weather guide to travelling to Alleppey and the places around. For us, there is something for everyone in every season, so take your pick.


  • October to February
    This period is officially the best time to travel to Alleppey, as these are the coolest months. The days are warm, but without the blistering hand of the sun, and the evenings are pretty cool. Long walks along the canals, sitting on the deck of a houseboat and sightseeing in general is not sapping this time of the year. The temperatures range from 17 degrees to 32 degrees Celsius (62-89° Fahrenheit). This is the best time to be in the outdoors and see local life at close quarters. This is high tourist season so booking ahead for accommodation and tours is important.
Learn how to navigate the hotter months from March to May


  • March to May
    This is the most intensely hot time of the year. Fortunately, Alleppey doesn’t get dry heat thanks to its location by the sea, but the air is heavy with moisture at all times. This can be sapping at times, but short breaks in the cool shade of the palm trees can rejuvenate a travellers, so they don’t have to hit pause on sightseeing. The maximum temperature can go up to 37 degrees Celsius or even more during this time. This is officially a low-key season so one is likely to get decent deals on stay in Alleppey.


  • June – September
    The monsoons start in mid-June, starting from mild showers to full blown, umbrella battering rains by July and August. While this can be an impediment for many travellers, this is also the time, when the already green Alleppey is awash in a million other refreshing shades of the colour. The landscape comes alive with rains, and the experience can be quite cathartic. This is the best time to stay indoors for most parts of the day, enjoy the monsoons from the very few atmospheric houseboats and homestays and enjoy the warm hospitality.  The second week of August brings the most popular event on the backwaters of Alleppey – the Nehru Snake Boat Race. It happens on the 2nd Saturday of August each year. As a run up, there are plenty of other snake boat races in and around Alleppey which start off the racing season. This is one of the most exciting spectacles to see.


Snake boat race in Alleppey
Snake boat race in Alleppey

Since Alleppey’s tropical weather is not erratic, and one can expect rains and heat waves quite definitively, it is an easy destination to travel to. Travellers need to ensure that they pack according to the weather, so that they can enjoy the town without a glitch.








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